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“SuziToy” are a London based rock band with hint’s of punk, indie, grunge and a slight 80’s flavour. Influences include “Visitors from the other side”, “Multidimensional beings”, “The Priory” and “The Jafar kareem ward”. A trio of psychedelia. “Suzitoy”delivers dynamic guitar driven wank, drum cunt flap pounding, bass arse resonating riffs which have been worked on meticulously to bring you exciting (Bowel movements) structures of contemplation.


Born from the ashes of “We Buy Gold”, Marlon (WBG/Zero hour contract) and Ko (WBG/Tuggy Tugz/Altercation), go on to form SuziToy along side with Bish (De-rellas, Fleash for lulu), and after another year of writing and rehearsals are now back on the scene with a brand new beast of a show. The current sound is alternative punk rock but ever evolving. An exciting, almost avant-guard experience without all the posh wankers.